Stool / accent table
Manikin Stone

A small accent table / stool, handcrafted from natural stone.
Its feature is also asymmetry from different sides, which gives the product a collectible look and adds naturalness.


width 420 mm
height 460 mm
depth 400 mm


Stone: marble, onyx, travertine

Production time

12 weeks

Country of production


Onyx and marble options

Marble option

Asymmetric stone stool
or accent table

Stone stool or accent table with asymmertic shape, producing in Italy.
Product is delivery worldwide.

~ Natural stone piece

~ Unique design from an award-winning studio

~ Wide range of stone

~ Wooden package for international transportation

~ Warranty for every product

Customization for
your project

Product is available for order in different stone options. You can chose your option of marble, travertine or onyx for new unique look of the piece and we are always ready to help you with this choice.

Marble option

Travertine option

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