Hello, we are a design studio, specializing in collectible furniture design

Authentic furniture

Inspired by the passion of creators to change reality

And designed by an award-winning designer Natalia Komarova.

In the design process, we create both functional and beautiful products. The team possesses unique individuality and strong qualifications and can translate stylish and authentic vision into a furniture design.



Our new creatures
and our classics

A combination of basic products with timeless design
and accent pieces in the latest trends

Armchair Arcy

Sofa Stone

Coffee table Shift

COFFEE TABLE Cluster wood

Made with boundless love for art and design

We threat furniture as_

We strive to create solutions outside of existing technologies
in order to feel our contribution to the development of the industry

High quality production

Engineering and production with attention to every detail

Craftsmanship of local masters

All products are handcrafted

Premium materals

Work only with natural materials

Trends created my nature

We are inspired
and inspire

We really enjoy working on cool design projects.
And even more pleasure when our work is liked by our clients and our clients' clients

Work in collaboration

When developing projects, we take into account the styles
and philosophy of the brands and companies

Finishes customization

Selection of premium upholstery and finishing
materials for your project

Beauty of natural stone

Furniture and decorative elements made
of natural stone, processed with care

Inspired by you

Products are designed to provide comfort
and aesthetic pleasure

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