Terms of sale

The sale of products presented on the altrego.pro website is carried out by Collector Unipessoal Lda (Portugal, Lisbon), LLC Webster (Saint Petersburg, Russia) and AlterEgoStudio OU (Tallinn, Estonia), partners of the studio, and authorized dealers.

Alter Ego Studio is a design studio whose main activity is the development of furniture design and the sale of author's furniture. The studio cooperates with leading manufacturers from different countries to produce quality products. The studio team provides author's supervision and product quality control, as well as customer service.

To obtain sufficiently complete information about the products, you can use not only the information on our website, but also information on the website of our partners, on online platforms where the products of companies are placed, and also by requesting information by email: info@alterego.prо.

HOW MAKE ORDER. To get information about the product, the final price and start the purchase process, you should write to email info@alterego.pro or fill out the feedback form on the website. Products are made at the request of customers and take an average of 3 months, so the studio recommends taking this into account when planning an order.
After confirming the price quote, the Company sends an invoice for payment. After receipt of funds to the company's account, the order is transferred to production.

By submitting an order form to the Company, you accept and agree to be bound by the requirements of these Terms of Sale as agreed with it. If you do not agree with certain positions of these Conditions of Sale, please do not submit an order form for the purchase of products offered on the site alterego.pro.

ABOUT DELIVERY. Information about the methods and terms of delivery of goods can be obtained by contacting the studio. Products are manufactured in different countries and depending on the location of production, conditions may vary. We recommend that you view information about the place of production of products for logistics planning.

ABOUT PACKAGE. Products are packed in protective packaging, including those with protective layers of foam rubber, covers, as well as in plywood boxes. In some cases, internal blocking elements are also used to immobilize the product.

ABOUT FUMIGATION. If for the effective passage of customs events you need fumigation of solid wood elements, we kindly ask you to notify the Company about this. The requirements of different countries regarding this point are different, and we cannot take into account the laws of each country. At the request of the client, this service will be provided.

ABOUT THE LEGALIZATION OF DOCUMENTS. If your country has not signed the 1961 Hague Convention on the legalization of documents, you may need additional documents: Certificates of origin, invoice or contract certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Consulate. We strongly recommend that you inform about the need for these documents or any other in advance, since the preparation of these documents takes time. For effective interaction and provision of quality services, the Company needs to obtain all the information for this.

ABOUT CUSTOMS FEES. Upon arrival at the border of your country, products may be subject to customs fees (taxes, duties, handling fees, customs broker fees, etc.), which are at the expense of the customer who must receive the order. The Company does not have the ability to control or calculate these fees. Therefore, we recommend you make the necessary inquiries, before placing an order, with the relevant local government or local customs office for detailed information.
The price of the product and the cost of shipping you pay to us do not include customs duties, import taxes, brokers' commissions or fees. Customs clearance may cause a delay in the delivery of your order. In the event of such delays, please contact your local customs office.

ABOUT WARRANTY. Warranty service is valid for 18 months from the date of receipt of the product if the product is used in accordance with the instruction manual that is attached to each product. A full refund or replacement of the product is possible if the product cannot be repaired.
Good quality products cannot be returned.
The company does not sell used products, defective products or products that do not meet market standards. The main characteristics of the pieces are displayed on the product pages on the site alterego.pro. The images of the products presented for sale on the www.alterego.pro website may have some inaccuracies in their correspondence with the real products in terms of their color, depending on the browser or monitor used.

In accordance with these Terms, a consumer is considered to be both an individual and a commercial client interested in purchasing a product.

The Company has the right not to process orders that do not comply with the Seller's product policy, as well as to refuse to provide services without explanation. The company strives to create an efficient and comfortable environment for customers, employees and partners, therefore, rude and disrespectful statements, discriminatory views or calls for any form of violence and discrimination are grounds for refusing or terminating the provision of services, the sale of goods and possible cooperation

The terms of sale do not regulate the provision of services or the sale of goods carried out by persons mentioned on the pages of the site, partners of the company and dealers. Before placing orders, using services and purchasing goods from partners and other third parties, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the terms of sale of these companies, since Alter Ego Studio is not responsible for the provision of services offered by third parties.

The Company is not responsible for the actions or omissions of third parties, including manufacturers and suppliers of materials, logistics and brokerage companies, customs authorities, which may lead to delays and changes in the terms of service.

You can view any other necessary information in the sections: Terms of Use, Return Policy and Privacy Policy.

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