Return policy

Alter Ego Studio's goal is to create a high quality product to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. If you receive a defective product, you have the right to return the purchased goods, provided that you follow the instructions for use.

Warranty service is valid for 18 months from the date of receipt of the product if the product is used in accordance with the instruction manual that is attached to each product. A full refund or replacement of the product is possible if the product cannot be repaired.
Good quality products cannot be returned.

You can return the goods to the seller within the period of validity of the warranty card, in the event of a warranty event, in which the return of the goods is possible. To initiate the return procedure, you must fill out a free-form application indicating the reason for the return and send it to the official email:

The Сompany will confirm the receipt of your letter with a return email. After that, your application will be considered for the fact of compliance with the warranty case.

If your situation matches the warranty case, the goods are returned to the Seller by sending a parcel by courier or logistics service

After the Seller receives the returned goods and checks them for compliance with all requirements, you will receive an email notifying you that the returned goods have been accepted. Regardless of the payment method you use, the Seller will initiate the refund process within fourteen 30 days of receipt of the statement of intent to return the goods, and after the Seller has completed the necessary verification that the return of the goods was made by you in accordance with the above requirements.

The Сompany is not responsible for damage to the goods by third parties, including logistics companies or customs authorities, except as otherwise specified. Also, return and warranty service is not possible in case of violation of the requirements for the operation of the product.

In the event of defects or damage requiring repair, warranty service is provided by the studio's partners at the request of the client. To obtain warranty service, you need also submit the free-form application stating the reason.

You can view any other necessary information in the sections: Terms of Use, Terms of sale and Privacy Policy.

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